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 Wanna war with us?

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wD bnktsu


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PostSubject: Wanna war with us?   08/04/08, 09:47 am

If your in another clan and want to challenge us, post here.
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WOA G.i.

PostSubject: U HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED 2 A BRAWL CLAN WAR   20/04/08, 10:05 am

hey fellas. so me and WOA Ph34r117 came here earlier and challenged you on your chatbox. since im not sure if u recieved the request im giong to officially do it right here....
Wii Dominate has been challenged to a brawl clan war by the Wii Ownage Army.
i know wD cclloyd has us bookmarked but ill give u the url just in cas
knight or lloyd get back 2 us whether u accept or decline please

ya boy:
WOA G.i. Drew
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PostSubject: Re: Wanna war with us?   08/05/08, 05:25 am

yeah KNIGHT IS NEVER ONLINE that y u probobly said somethin about it but NO 1 WAS HERE
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PostSubject: Re: Wanna war with us?   

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Wanna war with us?
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