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PostSubject: Cloverfield   30/04/08, 09:56 pm

Ok, so i was told by some friends at school, this is the best movie EVER, when it was in theatre's. So i was like, awesome, ill have to watch it, so being excited, waiting till it came April 22, i was deciding on buying it, or renting it... THANK GOD i rented it, i would have wasted 20 bucks, on a horrible move. I reccomend NOT wasting time and money, on this aweful movie, i am upset for wasting 3 bucks on renting it. The whole movie is a joke, there is a douchebag with a camera following his friends the whole time, they are in NYC, and these monster things come in, the people then go in the subway to hide from it, they walk thru the tunnels, see a bunch of rats, find some military people... They are saved, right?? WRONG! they RETARDLY go look for the main characters little girl friend, who should be dead, BC her building pretty much fell down, BUT NOOO some magical way she is the only one alive, in the whole block (D)... But she is stuck, with her WHOLE body stuck thru a rusted pole, about 2 inches THICK... her entire body is thru this. But, since this move is so realistic, they PULL her body off from the pole, and she is just fine. WHATEVER! then they go try to run from the monster, find Military AGAIN, and then they go on these choppers, at about 2000+ feet from the air, the helicopter crashes, are they dead yet? NO! yea i know, it pissed me off too... These people were already attacked by monster(s) and had a pole thru one of thier bodies, and NOW a helicopter crash? HOW long can these douchebags last? I was waiting for them to die, but NOOO... Then later, the camera guy (The main Character's best friend) gets killed by the monster. YAY! finally, then the main character and his Girl friend, are the only ones left, thet start crying.... "We arnt going to make it", bla bla bla, the usual in these movies. Then they sit, and lay under a little overpass/bridge. Then they set the camera down, the overpass falls down, and the MOVIE ENDS!! OMG this movie was soo retarded, when i go back to school, i am going to have to hurt my friends that said this was a great movie..

Knight's Rating: 4 out of 10

.... the only reason it gets a 4, BC the action scenes were pretty good, and looked cool, the monster looked pretty bad ass too... but thats all!!
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PostSubject: Re: Cloverfield   30/04/08, 10:25 pm

Lol XD Now I want to see it because it sounds so stupid!
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PostSubject: Re: Cloverfield   01/05/08, 01:56 am

it seems like a 10 star less version of transformers and day after 2morrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloverfield   08/05/08, 05:19 am

lol im goin to go rent it or burn it on dvd from my computer.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloverfield   08/05/08, 10:18 am

I saw it, it wasn't bad
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PostSubject: Re: Cloverfield   

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